Welcome to the new and updated Artemis Hunting Limited website. Artemis Hunting Ltd. maintains very diverse and interesting portfolio of hunting opportunities available in some great hunting destination around the globe. 

On request you get much more information about our opportunities, ways of hunting and wildlife. We give you thorough advice, accurate details and we specialize in making personalized itineraries designed to achieve what you want.  For getting the most accurate information you can always call us or e-mail us at anytime. We are here to help you and give you the adventure.

BEST OF 2012 AND 2013- NEW!!


M.Alesandro, USA

"My God what a beautiful country and what a great animals you have. I've been everywhere but this was one of the best trips ever. Hunting a mouflon, chamois, brown bear or a wild boar above Adriatic sea is like a haven for real hunters like me."