United Kingdom
United Kingdom


Great Britain is one of those countries which had such an impact on worldwide politics and hunting industry throughout the history. In 1920'. Great Britain was in it's prime, ruling almost quarter of the world having great influence on hunting industry, shooting industry, gun making and organised safari trips. The heritage left to the world and impact on hunting society was enormous. Boss, Holland & Holland, Purdey, Rigby, Westley Richards and many others are just some of the brands which ruled the gun market as well as being involved in many great hunts worldwide by aristocrats, politicians, explorers, adventurers, professional hunters and ordinary hunters.

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Species to Hunt in the United Kingdom

  • Red Grouse

    Red Grouse

    12th August - 10th December

  • Pheasant


    1st October - 1st February

  • Partridge


    1st September - 1st February

  • Wildfowl


    1st September - 31st January

  • Red Deer

    Red Deer

    1st July - 30th April

  • Roe Deer

    Roe Deer

    1st July - 30th April

  • Fallow Deer

    Fallow Deer

    1st August - 30th April

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