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All hunting trips are organized according to the Croatian hunting season. The types of hunting in Croatia are traditional (driven game, stalking or high-seat) and often depend on the geographical location and the weather.

Below we provide some information about the types of hunting in Croatia however this information is basic and we will provide more detailed information to all our customers before they are allowed to begin hunting.

Birds are hunted with shotguns either with the help of hunting dogs, beaters, or by waiting. Hunting is strictly regulated and must be carried out in groups of a minimum of 3 people. Shooting is allowed with shotguns (including semi-automatics) and lead pellets charged with a minimum of 28g of pellets.

Big game hunting is usually done with bolt action, lever action and semi-automatic rifles. The exception is wild boar hunting, which can be done with all types of shotguns and combination guns loaded with slugs, at distances of up to 50m.

The wild boar is the only type of game that can be shot at while it is moving, and hunted with the use of dogs. All other types of big game can be shot at only when they are stationary and the use of dogs is not permitted.


Wild boar is usually shot at while it is moving, at distances of about 30 metres. We thus recommend the use of red dot riflescopes with a maximum magnification of x4. We also recommend the use of combination and express guns as it is very important to be able to shoot quickly and repeatedly. Concentration, focus and silence are of vital importance in this type of hunting. Shooting is allowed only if the target is clearly visible to avoid the possibility of wounding fellow hunters, dogs or beaters.

Recommended ammunition:

Wild boar - min 7 x 57 R. Minimal bullet weight = 10g; sabot and rifled slugs for shotguns when used at the distance of up to 50m.

Roe deer - min 223 Rem

Red and fellow deer - min 6.5 x 68 mm or 7 x 57 R

Chamoix and mouflon - min 6.5 x 55 mm

Brown bear - min 270 Win or 7 x 63 mm. Min bullet weight = 10g E100 = 3500 J.

The following is NOT permitted:

  • The use of lamps
  • Shooting at birds on the ground
  • Night vision
  • The use of traps
  • Untrained dogs
  • The use of a bow and arrow

The hunting season in Croatia determines what type of game can be hunted at what time of the year. We suggest you refer to this calendar before planning your holiday.

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