All types of European game, including the brown bear, are found in Croatia. The game hunted on our holidays is not fenced and there are no fake trophies. A lot of money is invested into Croatian hunting grounds to ensure that the animals have peace, a natural diet and enough food and drink during droughts and harsh winters.

Below is a list of the types of game you can hunt in Croatia, click on each icon to find out more about when they can be hunted and their natural habitats.

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Species to Hunt in Croatia

  • Red Deer

    Red Deer

  • Wild Boar

    Wild Boar

  • Roe Deer

    Roe Deer

  • Fallow Deer

    Fallow Deer

  • Balkan Chamois

    Balkan Chamois

  • Mouflon Sheep

    Mouflon Sheep

  • Quail


  • Brown Bear

    Brown Bear

  • Wolves


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