Ernest Taylor, UK

"This trip was fantastic. See you again next year."

Ian Harford, Wild Team UK and Sporting Rifle

"Thanks for a fantastic trip Tomo! Can't wait to come back this winter"

Jerry R. Huston, USA

"I had one of the best hunts and your bears are extra large. Thank you so much for taking great care of me and I'm coming back in spring"

Jim B., USA

"Tomo I had great time and great hunt again. Thank you for great holidays and I'll be back again for the third time"

Mihael Safaric, Slovenia

"Tomo the hunting trip to Ireland was absolutely fantastic. See you again"

Melvin Toponce, Safari magazine-USA

"Tomo thank you so much for adventurous and successful hunting trip.We had great time and your service was absolutely spot on"

Nick C. Fox, UK

"Tomo my trip to Croatia with you was a fairytale. Thank you so much for helping me to get the biggest boar I've ever seen"

Jeff Rose, USA

"I would like to thank you for setting up a just fabulous hunt! Not one but two monstrous Eurasian Boars! Yourself,Miso,Killer,Becky and the guys did a fantastic job. Aurora and I had a great time in Croatia and will return to hunt and holiday in the future"

Geoffrey Bradley, USA

"If there is a place and the guide to reccommend than it is Croatia and you. Hunting with Artemis Hunting was excellent and your service beyond expectations. Thank you and see you next year"

Simon Barr, Team Wild UK and Shooting Times

"Great trip Tomo, you and the team did us proud! See you at the CLA!!"

Barbara Crown,Hunting,USA

"Tomo you've been wonderfull host and I had great time hunting in Croatia. I must come back"

Peter Moore, editor of Shooting Sports 2008

"It was great fun hunting with you in Croatia and your boar gave me a real adrenaline rush. It was the most exciting hunt I've ever done and the whole trip was great experience. I'll be back" 

Charlie Jacoby, editor of Sporting Rifle

"Thank you for a great hospitality and efforts in helping us to make a documentary for ITV UK. It was pleasure learning from you guys about wild boar management and I can see why you have great success"

C. Hambrook, UK

"So far it was the best hunting experience abroad and I can't wait to come back next year." 

G. McDonald

"This wilderness is beautiful and I couldn't believe that you can see so many animals in open ground. It was a great and successful trip and see you next summer" 

D.Haldane, Scotland

"Year after year we have great time hunting with you and we'll be come back again" 

M. Cleere, Ireland

"Thank you Tomo for great driven boar hunt and all of us will come back next season. Everything was absolutely great and boar in Croatia are massive."

M. McLaren, South Africa

"I had a great time in Croatia and thank you for all you've done for me. My trip was successful in every way and I can't wait to come back" 

F.Moore, USA

"You have the best terrain for mouflon sheep hunting and I'll be back. We had a great and successful trip and I'm looking forward to my next trip to get Balkan Chamois" 

M.Alesandro, NY, USA

"My God what a beautiful country and what a great animals you have. I've been everywhere but this was one of the best trips ever. Hunting a mouflon, chamois, brown bear or a wild boar above Adriatic sea is like a haven for real hunters like me." 

P.Sain, Tennessee, USA

"Let's face it. You are Croatian operating in Croatia and who else can match that. I've been shooting on 6 continents and I got all the trophies I wanted but I'll remember this short trip as a special one." 

P. McMahon, Wisconsin,USA, March 2009

"I had a great time here in Croatia hunting with you and next October I'll be back to get a brown bear and Balkan chamois. Hunting with Artemis Hunting was great experience for experienced hunter like me"