In media

Tomo Svetic and Artemis Hunting Ltd. were involved in many hunts so far and we got many excellent reports by varius journalists and clients. The list would be too long to list all the reports and references so we put randomly a few. All the reports are done in honest manner without faking results for magazines or  asking guests to say write references. We are proud for hosting hunts for various journalists and well known people in hunting industry: Peter Moore, Barbara Crown, Simon Barr, Melvin Toponce, Ian Harford, Mike Robinson, Charlie Jacoby, David Wright... So far we were on TVs , online magazines and TVs, in various magazines including Safari, Sporting Rifle, Shooting Sports, Gunmart, Lovocuvar, Modern Gamekeeper... Many of the hunts for journalists were paid by themselves or a third party.

Article in Sporting rifle about hunt in Scotland

Author: Tomo Svetic, Year: 2011

Article in Sporting rifle about wild boar in Croatia

Author: Simon Barr, Year: 2010

 Article in Shooting sports magazine about Croatia quail hunt

Author: Simon Barr, Year: 2011